How to set a follow-up

To set a follow-up you need to click on the flag icon in the inbox or folder or the flag button when inside an email or a record.

The process of creating a follow-up is the same for the records and emails - just click on the flag icon. It will create a red-colored follow-up with no particular date. This allows you to quickly go through the emails and records and, if needed, get to further scheduling them later.

How to set a customized follow-up

To set a more customized follow-up or to edit the existing one, click on the arrow near the flag.

Here you can:
 1. Enter a follow-up date by using natural language, for example, next Wednesday, in three days, etc.
2. Choose one of the preset dates.
3. Select a date from the drop-down calendar.
4. Change follow-up color.
5. Remove the follow-up

How to manage follow-ups

All your follow-ups are available under the Follow-Ups entry in the left sidebar.

Here the follow-ups are grouped by dates, giving you an overview of the tasks left for later. Click on a follow-up to jump into an email or record the follow-up is based on.

Follow-up colors

Follow-ups in NetHunt CRM can be of six colors, from red to pale blue. As NetHunt sorts your follow-ups in this order, we recommend you to choose a follow-up color based on its importance: red for the most important follow-ups, pale blue for the least important ones.

You can customize the follow-up color from the same drop-down menu you use for setting the follow-up date.

How to remove a follow-up

In order to permanently remove a follow-up if it has been completed or became unnecessary, click on the flag icon or choose Clear follow-up from the drop-down menu.

Overdue follow-ups

When a follow-up passes its due date, it will be placed into the Overdue section on top of the follow-up list. Such follow-ups will be marked in red color and will stay on top of other follow-ups until removed or moved to a later date.

Follow-up counter

In the left sidebar, NetHunt CRM can display the total amount of follow-ups you have: red for overdue, green for today’s. You can enable this feature from the NetHunt CRM global settings.

How to disable follow-ups

In case you are not going to use follow-ups for emails or records, you can permanently disable them from the NetHunt CRM settings. By disabling that option, you’ll completely turn off the follow-ups in NetHunt CRM and remove the Follow-Ups sidebar menu item. You can later re-enable the follow-ups feature from the same Settings menu. You can also customize follow-ups counters for overdue follow-ups and daily agenda.

Follow-up date formats


Numeric Formats

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