To start the import from Streak to the NetHunt CRM you need to:

1) Get your API key from Streak. Just log in to your Streak account and click on its icon giving a dropdown menu. Click on the Developer zone.

2) Once you are redirected to the dialog window, copy your API key.

3) Similar to a CSV import feature, click on the NetHunt icon in your Gmail and pick the Import data button.

4) Choose Import from Streak option.

5) Now choose the target workspace you want to make the import to and insert the API key you got. Click Start import.

6) You will get a new folder in your workspace with the imported data.

Email linking from Streak

When you migrate all the data from Streak to NetHunt, your previously linked emails in Streak will also be transferred and linked on the records' timelines.

However, some of the emails might not be resolved, meaning you will see that there is an email linked on the timeline but you can see neither the email's subject nor the body of the email. This is because those emails included other users in your Streak's workspace.

In order to have all the old emails fully transferred to your NetHunt's workspace - invite all the users from Streak to NetHunt and have them give the permissions for NetHunt to link emails:

They had those permissions granted in Streak and their emails could be linked there, but they never gave Nethunt their permissions, that is why it is important to do when you switch.

Congratulations! You've successfully migrated your Streak data into NetHunt CRM.

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