If you happen to avoid filling out the record name or want to show certain fields as a record name: snippets will help you do so.

  1. In order to set up record snippets check out this guide.
  2.  As an example, I have a folder People, where I have 2 fields First and Last names that I want to show in the search. The record name itself is missing. When I enter the name of the client in the search bar, it shows the First and Last names of the client because I have previously set those fields to show in the snippets. It will actually show all the records where the name Ellen (in my case) is indicated. So you can see that Ellen Brown record has no name BUT the fields in her record First and Last names are shown:

3. When I am on a deal record and I want to link this record to a client record, I type in the name and see the First and Last names as well, or I can simply create a new record:

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