When you need to automate emails to be send to your clients in the CRM, you can set-up a simple zap. It can trigger any action in the system, be it a Stage change, a checkbox - any field update.

All you need is to set a trigger: a field update (any field) and an action: Gmail to send a template to your client.
Let's say, we want to send out an email to our client asking for a review upon the deal closure. We have a checkbox field (REVIEW) in the record. When we tick it - an email template will be sent to a client's email indicated in the email field.

  • Set a trigger: NetHunt>New or Updated Record>choose the folder with records to be triggered (Companies)>choose a field to trigger (Review):

  • Set an action: Gmail>Send Email>in TO select an email field of the Client to send an email to:

  • Fill out all the necessary and additional fields in the Email Template:

When tick the Review checkbox - you can check in your SENT box emails sent to your clients:

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