Apart from the follow-ups, that are personal reminders set on records and emails, NetHunt allows you to create tasks in the CRM and assign them to different workspace users.

How to create tasks

When you first start the system, you get sample folders where there is one called Tasks:

This folder consists of several pre-set up fields that can also be modified by you later. This is a folder like others functioning as tasks you can assign to yourself or other team members.

As you can see, this task already belongs to a Deal record ("Start with NetHunt (sample)").
You can link the tasks to all the folders you have in your workspace. Simply, go to the Tasks' folder settings and add a new field Link to folder where you choose all folders you'd like to have tasks created in them and assigned to your team members:

When you have all the folders linked to your Tasks, you can simply create tasks in the Companies, Contacts, Deals etc folders:

With the necessary fields you can fill out: deadlines, assignees, task status, description etc.
In case you do not have a Tasks folder, you can easily create one and fill it out with the fields you need to fill out:

How to manage tasks

 To track your tasks along with your team's, you can create a few views:

  • To see the today's tasks: open the Tasks folder and in the filters choose the following fields: Manager/Assignee>is>Today:

Then save this view and on the left side bar choose to show the record count. This way you will always be aware of your today's tasks:

  • To see the today's tasks of your team:
  1. Group tasks by Managers/Assignees
  2. In the filters indicate the deadline>is>today

Then save this view and on the left side bar you will always be sure to check your team's tasks and how they are working on them. With the date filtering - you can always check the overdue ones as well. In the filters field indicate the fields:
Deadline>less than>today
Status>is not>resolved

Check out the guide on how to create automated tasks based on the Deal's stage change.

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