You might have the problem of importing data into your folder in NetHunt from a CSV file and find all your fields together and not separated.

When importing data from a CSV file, it is important to note the delimiter. This one must be ‘,’ (comma) in order to avoid fields being merged.

If you are importing data from a CSV file with a different (tab, semicolon, etc) separator, the result would be this:

In this example you can see that the fields “e-mail” and “additional info” were imported as a single field.

Selecting the comma as a separator would prevent the fields to be merged and taking the same example as before, the “e-mail” and “additional information” would be separated into two fields:

Make sure to select the comma as a field delimiter when saving your CSV file in your preferred sheet software:

1) Google sheets:

2) Microsoft Office:

3) Libre Office:

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