What is NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt CRM is a sales and productivity tool inside Gmail that helps you manage leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress, and close more deals.

Since 2016, we've been on a mission to bring more productivity and balance into your working hours. Our CRM Everywhere idea is about making CRM actually work for you by adding powerful CRM functionality to the applications you use every day. Today, NetHunt CRM blends entirely with Gmail, placing the full-featured CRM right next to your emails, as well as with other G Suite apps, LinkedIn, and more!

What is the key value proposition?

  1. NetHunt is one of the best CRM's for small business. We've got an overall star rating of 4.7 out of 5 on G2.com with 9.8/10 points for performance & reliability, 9.4/10 points for ease of use, and 9.6/10 points for the quality of support.

  2. Literally unmatched integration with Gmail. There's no other tool that integrates so seamlessly with Gmail and upgrades your favorite email client with so many productivity functions.

  3. CRM + automation and productivity tool. NetHunt CRM is all about making it easier to manage every external interaction and relationship that’s essential for your business success. NetHunt CRM automation will free up the time that you need to focus on more meaningful, strategic work by automating repetitive, manual tasks and improving productivity.

  4. Email marketing and drip campaigns. NetHunt's marketing automation is designed to help marketers attract potential customers through the automated delivery of content and build engaged, targeted traffic that sales teams can convert to customers.

  5. Customer Success Team. We’re with you every step of the way.
    First, we demo NetHunt with you to show how it works for your business.
    Then, we help you transfer all the data from whatever system you used before, saving every last detail, and we work with you in setting the CRM up to meet your exact business needs.
    After that, we educate and train your users to get the most out of their new CRM.
    And finally, we are always there for you, ready to help with the fastest possible response time.

What help and support will I get from NetHunt team?

- You will have direct access to our Affiliate Program team to discuss ideas and get answers to your questions.

- Online product training is available upon request.

- You will have access to our extensive product knowledge base, marketing assets (upon request), as well as sales&marketing tutorials/guides/ebooks.

You can always reach out to us at affiliate@nethunt.com.

What will be the sales process? How it works?

Once you join us as an affiliate, you will get a unique referral link. Send leads to NetHunt CRM using that unique referral link. We will keep the cookie for 60 days and if the lead signs up within 60 days of referral, it will get logged under you and you will get commission cut for whatever this lead pays NetHunt in the first year in subscription fees.

NetHunt CRM Team will take care of the deal closing, customer support, and will make sure that referred user stays with us for longest possible period.

You will have access to the most current statistics about you links, leads, rewards and payouts through our Affiliate Program tool.

What are the terms, limitations, and restrictions?

By joining NetHunt CRM Affiliate Program you're becoming a non-exclusive referral partner for the NetHunt products and services, and you agree:

  1. not to engage in brand bidding — a kind of contextual advertising, when keywords of the advertisement contain the NetHunt CRM brand, its transliteration and derivatives;

  2. not to refer a direct competitor of NetHunt CRM to the leads logged under your affiliate account;

  3. not to place referral links or promote and advertise NetHunt products and services in any way on resources with adult content; content advocating against an individual, group or organization; recreational drugs and drug-related content; hacking, cracking and malware content; misrepresentative content; violent content; content that enables dishonest behavior and illegal content.

NetHunt reserves the right to block the affiliate partner's account if any or all of the above terms are violated.

How much will I earn as a NetHunt CRM Affiliate Partner?

Our pricing is pretty straight forward and our commission structure is transparent – 15% recurring commission on all the purchases made by the referred

customer during twelve months without a break from the date of initial purchase.

So, if you refer 20 businesses with team size of 10 each that end up purchasing Business subscription plan (our most popular), you will earn up to $1440 per month.

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