You might need to add more than one contact information for a single person as often people have more than one phone number or email address, for example. In those cases, the multiple value field becomes the solution.

The fields that can have multiple values are:

Email: Useful in case your contacts share their corporate and personal email addresses or the companies you are targeting have different email addresses such as "" and "".

Note: Once you have created an Email field, allowed multiple emails and saved it - you won't be able to toggle off "Allow multiple emails". We are doing this in order to avoid any data loss. The same rule applies to "Phone" and "User" fields.

Phone: your contacts might have more than one phone number or your companies might have different phone numbers for the different departments:

Tags: This field can help you to label and quickly identify the industry or industries of your companies or for example also the interest of your contacts (e.g. Music, Technology, Sports, etc). By default it is a multiple value field, thus it does not need to be enabled as such during the setup.

User: in case more than one person is responsible for a contact or a company inside your business.

Linking fields: These are by default also multiple values and can be very useful in case you have more than one deal with a company or have also more than one contact per company:

When fields with multiple values such as telephone and email have more than one value, the first one will be selected as the primary one. This selection will be indicated with a star*:

This is of particular interest for the workflow automation since the E-mail used for the workflow in an email sequence will be the primary one. The same principle would apply if an email in a workflow is set up to be sent to a related record, the email will be sent to the primary record. It is possible to change the primary contact in a multiple value field by clicking and selecting "set as primary".

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