In some cases, you need to build a report using the data from different folders. As an example, we will build a report based on the Deals folder, but including the data from the Companies folder, that are related to these deals.
Let's take a look step by step at how to build this kind of report and blend the data.

  1. Add two folders as Data sources: Deals and Companies:

  2. Choose "Blend data" :

  3. Clock "Join another table" and choose "Companies":

In the Deals folder Company (abc) field is a company ID that equals an ID field in the "Companies" folder, therefore we add those fields to the top and click Configure join:

P.S. Initially Data Studio will be showing the following and you would need to drag ID field to the top and remove missing fields:

Once saved, you can add fields from both folders that you'll be using in your report. Ensure you add a Name on the Companies side, so you can see it in the report:

Now your data is Blended and you can build your report:

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