Let's say you import 2 new files: Deals and Companies.

When you import them into the sample NetHunt folders, you can map the fields accordingly (a deal has a "Link to record" field COMPANY) and all your data will be eventually linked.

If you import the new files into New folders, you need to make sure:

  • your Deals file has a text field Company with the exact company names that will further match with the record names from Companies folder

  • The Companies file Names:

Having imported your 2 files into two folders, you need now to go to the folder with the text field matching the record names of the second folder (e.g. go to the Deals folder as it has a text field with the name of the company it belongs to. This field will be a link between two folders):

Now go to this folder's settings and change the text field Company into the Link to record Companies:

Now you have changed the field type and link your Deals to Companies:

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