NetHunt CRM check-up:

1 — If you're experiencing unusually slow Gmail performance, try re-loading the Chrome.

2 — If you have NetHunt snippets showing in your Inbox, try switching them off to see if Gmail performance improves. You can find instructions here.

Gmail check-up:

1 — Check the number of emails shown in your Inbox. If you have 100+ emails shown in your Inbox at the same time, try reducing email count to 50.

2 — If you're actively using Gmail Labels, having a lot of labels in your Inbox might overload UI and slow down Gmail.

3 — If you're using Gmail split view, try switching back to No split.

4 — Check if Gmail is experiencing any down time at the moment.

5 — Test Gmail in private (Incognito) mode to check its performance without extensions.

Chrome check-up:

1 — Update your Chrome browser to the latest version.

2 — Consider the number of tabs open in your Chrome, they might slow down overall Chrome performance.

General check-up:

1 — Check your Internet connectivity.

If none of these steps helped, contact us at with the following details to help us better understand what might be causing the issue and get it fixed faster for you:

- When did you first notice the performance slowdown?

- What OS are you using?

- What other extensions do you have active in Chrome?

While we are working on getting the issue resolved, please use NetHunt web app instead or NetHunt's Safari extension for Gmail.

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