Sometimes you forget to include part of the information into your records or sometimes you get new information about your contacts elsewhere.

When you have hundreds or thousands of records, surely including that new information manually is not an option. You might automate the process by using the import from CSV file option.

Select a matching field

The first thing you need to do is to select a matching field, a field which will be unique for your record and won't be repeated in your folder. Safest shot for your contacts for example would be your contact's e-mail, there's no way two people can have the same e-mail address, right?

Make sure this information is also in the CSV file and that each record you want to update, has this matching field:

Import data

Once your file is ready, go to your settings > import data and select CSV from the given options:

On the next screen, select the CSV file where you have the data:

In the mapping fields screen, make sure you select the proper options from the drop down menu according to the information in the CSV file that you are importing.

Here we select the e-mail address field which already exists in the folder (in case the system does not recognize it automatically, select it from the drop down menu accordingly) to map the data. The new info that is to be added will be recognized as a "new" field and you can see the blue head letter label. If the field format is wrong - click on the field and choose to create new field>choose the appropriate field format. Click next!

On the last screen make sure the options Check for duplicates and Import and updates matches are selected as well as the mapping filed (in this case the e-mail) is correctly chosen as we have it as a unique field. If you update Companies folder, then it is better to select Name field as unique. The records will be scanned by matching record names and update the fields accordingly.


  1. The fields already containing data in them - will be overwritten with the new data you import from the csv file.

  2. The multi-value fields will not be overwritten but the new values you bring will be added to them.

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