Once a new lead pops up in your NetHunt CRM, you'd probably like to launch an automated email sequence to nurture and engage it.

Here's how to set it up.

Step 1: Start a new Workflow

Go to the left-side panel in your NetHunt CRM workspace —> then click Workflows and "+NEW" button in the upper right corner —> and give your workflow a name.

Step 2: Add starting trigger

To start creating a workflow, click the 'ADD STARTING TRIGGER' button:

Pick a trigger that will start the Workflow. In our case it is 'New record created'.

Pick the folder where new records will pop up and hit 'SAVE':

Step 3. Create a condition to stop

For Contacts to fall out of this workflow, we need to set a condition to stop. Let's set the following two conditions:

  1. If the Contact has a new incoming email linked to it

  2. If the Contact's Status has been changed

To do this, we need to split our workflow into 3 branches. Click 'ADD ACTION' and pick 'Split path'.

  1. Branch A is the main one

  2. Branch B - the one that will be checking for an incoming email

  3. Branch C - the one that will be checking for the Status field change

Here's what we've got:

  • In Branch B, we add action 'Wait for email' and click 'SAVE':

  • In Branch C, we add action 'Wait for update' in the Status field from New to Prospecting:

And here's what we get:

Step 4. Add email actions

It's time to add the action that we've created a trigger for. And we will be using the Branch A for that. Click the 'Add action' button and pick 'Send an Email':

  • In the 'From' field, pick a person you would like to send the email from.

  • If, for example, you have multiple Sales Managers in your team and would like each Contact to be emailed to by its own Manager, check the 'Personalize sender' box and pick the required field.

  • In the 'To' field, pick the email address field to send the email to.

  • Enter the Subject and the Email text. You can use templates and insert macroses if you need to.

  • And hit 'SAVE'.

Let's also add a couple more emails the same way:

Let's also add some waiting time between the emails, as we do not want them to be sent one right after another:

Click on the '+' sign after the first email and pick 'Wait for (time)':

Then we type in the time you need (we have '3 days' in this case) and hit 'Save'.

Step 5. Complete workflow

In order to complete the workflow, at the end of every branch we need to add action 'End workflow'.

This is what it'll look like:

Finally, hit 'ACTIVATE' to launch the new Workflow.

Step 6. Test the automation.

Once the workflow is active, you can test it by adding a new Contact to your folder and seeing whether emails are being sent out.

Also, once the workflow is active, you will be able to:

  • edit it;

  • view the number of actions performed on each step;

  • view workflow and error log;

  • deactivate it.

If you have questions or trouble setting up this automation in NetHunt CRM, email us at support@nethunt.com or schedule an assistance call — we'll be happy to help!

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