So, you've created and shared a webform which now collects new leads directly from your website and into your NetHunt CRM. You've even launched a drip campaign to engage these new leads. Now, based on whether this leads responds to your email campaign, you can set a number of tasks in action. As an example, you can automatically update Leads stage or status in your CRM.

Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Edit you drip campaign workflow.

For this automation, we won't be starting a new workflow, but rather edit the current one that you already have - drip campaign workflow.

Click on it and hit 'EDIT WORKFLOW' in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Add new action.

Go to your Branch B - the one that waits for an email from your lead - and click the '+' sign right after the 'Wait for Email' action. Then pick 'Update record'.

Specify the change that you won't to run. In our case, we'd like the Contact's stage to be change to Negotiating. Hit 'SAVE'.

Step 3: Save changes.

To update your workflow and make changes live, click 'Publish' in the upper right corner.

Now, all the leads in the workflow, who will respond to your drip campaign, will be automatically moved to the stage Negotiating.

If you have questions or trouble setting up this automation in NetHunt CRM, email us at or schedule an assistance call — we'll be happy to help!

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