What is a webhook?

Simply put, a webhook is a web address/URL you can use to send data to. A webhook integration allows you to automatically send information from your website to NetHunt CRM.

How to integrate a webhook to your website form and send leads to your NetHunt CRM

We're starting by creating a new workflow:

Starting trigger would be 'Webhook event received':

Copy the unique webhook URL for this workflow and paste it into the webform you're using.

Then test it by filling in the form and submitting test details. Go back and hit Refresh:

The test is successful, you may now hit 'SAVE'.

Now, we're adding an action 'Create new record':

Specify folder and fields and hit 'SAVE':

And finally, we're adding 'End workflow':

Now, the workflow is ready and you can give it a try by filling out the web form on your website and seeing a new shiny lead pop up in your CRM!

If you have questions or trouble setting up this automation in NetHunt CRM, email us at support@nethunt.com or schedule an assistance call — we'll be happy to help!

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