You need to collect leads of customers signing up in your web page and you are using Typeforms to collect that information. Here we show you how to create records in your CRM based on the information from the form. Before you start you need to create a new workflow and get a webhook URL from NetHunt.

  1. Create or select a form in Typeforms, select "connect", then "webhooks" and click on "Add a webhook":

2. Paste the webhook URL you got from NetHunt when creating the workflow in the highlighted box:

3. So your webhook has been created, please activate it and click on "View deliveries":

4. For newly created webhook events, you'll get the following screen where you would be able to send a test request:

5. You can send the test request and further proceed with the workflow set up.

Please refer to the Typeforms supporting material for more details.

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