NetHunt’s “Workflows'' feature uses rule-based logic to automate nuisance manual work; a modern-day savior from laborious data entry and lead nurturing.

Workflows run self-operating processes, saving your business time and money, relinquishing embarrassing errors, and boosting employee productivity. Assign tasks to users based on rules you set; set notifications every time a workflow has been triggered. Do it now or simply schedule it for later.

Whatever you need to do, Workflows takes the hard work out of working hard.

This new feature is available from the left-side navigation panel:

Important: you can access this feature from both your Gmail, and the web application.

Some of the most common processes that you can automate with Workflows are:

  1. Capture webform leads and pop them in your NetHunt CRM.
    Say a potential customer visits your site and fills out a webform. NetHunt CRM immediately scrapes all that glorious data and pops a shiny, new record in your CRM dashboard. That’s their first name, last name, email address, company name, phone number, landing page, referring page, newsletter subscription, and more straight in your inbox and ready to rumble.

  2. Set drip campaigns to nurture leads.
    Use NetHunt CRM to create automatic email sequences and engage prospects, leads, and customers. Fire out thousands of personalized emails at the perfect, chosen time... without lifting a finger.

  3. Automatically link email conversations to client profiles.
    NetHunt CRM logs email interactions with customers and leads, each time you engage with them, all by itself. Keep your contact records up-to-date in real-time; have relevant, valuable information about where a lead is up to all the way through the sales process.

  4. Assign incoming leads to relevant team members, send an email notification after the deal is set to Won or Lost.
    For example, NetHunt CRM automatically changes lead's Stage from ‘New’ to ‘Negotiating’ when a lead responds to your drip campaign. When this happens, a rep is assigned the relevant task which should be carried out, based on the stage that the lead is moving into.

  5. Set alerts and stay in the loop for when something happens.
    Our users can configure notifications to be sent immediately or at a scheduled time once a desired criteria has been met. NetHunt CRM notifies teams or managers whenever something attention-worthy happens with a lead, customer, or deal.

  6. Control your sales workflow.
    There are certain tasks that a sales team needs to carry out through each individual step of the pipeline. In NetHunt CRM, you can configure the automatic creation and rep-assignment of these tasks whenever a deal moves from one stage to the next.

    Imagine a new deal has been added to your sales pipeline. NetHunt automatically creates a pre-defined set of tasks for this deal: qualify this lead, schedule a call with them, or complete any other user-set task that suits your sales process.

  7. Use an algorithm to assign incoming leads to relevant team members.
    NetHunt CRM automatically assigns leads to selected sales reps on a Round-robin schedule. That means they are allocated, without priority or prejudice, in a circular order. Upon assignment, reps are given tasks that must be carried out based on where the lead stands in the sales process.

With Workflows, NetHunt CRM took a leap from CRM system to dedicated sales-growth hub. It automates webform capture, drip campaigns, and contact-email linking. Algorithms and notifications make life easier… because sometimes working hard is too much hard work.

Workflows features is available to our users with the StartUp, Business, and Advanced subscription plans (former Professional Plus and Enterprise subscription plans included as well). Basic (and Professional) plan users will be able to test the feature for 14 days and then upgrade if necessary.

For more pricing details please refer to our Pricing page.

Important. Please note that only Workspace Admins and a group of users with specific permissions assigned can create or edit workflows in your NetHunt CRM workspace.

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