When you need to automate a process in your CRM, you need to create a workflow.

Workflows consist of: triggers and actions. Easy.

A trigger is an event that starts your workflow.

Here are available triggers:

  1. Deal changes Stage. This trigger is mainly focused on your Deals folder. You might have another folder where you keep your opportunities/projects etc. To have this trigger on, you need to connect it to the folder in the Data enrichment section:

So, let's say that you want to notify your team in Slack (check this guide for more details) every time you close WON a deal. You set it up like this and this workflow will be triggered every time you change the deal stage into WON:

2. New record is added. Let us say you want to send a newly created client a Welcome email once you create their record in the CRM: manually, via import or through the web form submission. You can use this trigger (a record can be created in ANY folder in your workspace). Check this guide for a possible use case.

3. Field value changes. Let us say you want to start an email campaign to your clients right after you change their stage to Contacting and not when they are just added to the folder. Or you would like to notify the whole team that you just put the Deal into a Status Critical? This trigger is the one to choose. Here is a possible use case for you to check out.

4. Webhook event occurs. If you have your custom webform already placed on your website and you want to bring them right into your website once they fill out the form, you can connect this form to Nethunt using this trigger. Here is a detailed guide.

5. Web form is submitted. NetHunt offers you to use our custom webforms to capture your leads and bring them to your NetHunt right away. Here is a detailed guide.

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