If you are using Slack you can set it up so you can get notifications on a Slack channel instantly.

Slack can be a very good way to keep up with notifications and also share that information with your team.

The connection between Slack and NetHunt CRM would be possible by using webhooks. This means Slack would have an incoming webhook from NetHunt CRM and will notify you for example every time you Win a new deal.

To set it up:

  1. go to the Slack page to add tools to your workspace here where you will see first some brief information on how it works:

2. There you need to create a webhook. First you need to sign in to your workspace in the web app in case you have not yet, and create a new Slack App. Then go to Features > Incoming Webhooks and activate incoming webhooks:

3. Click on add new webhook to workspace:

4. Next you need to select the channel where you'd like to post the information to:

5. Finally you can copy the webhook URL:

6. Now let us create the workflow. You first need to create a trigger, where we will start the automation when a Deal record becomes WON. We will send a message into a slack channel. The trigger is FIELD VALUE CHANGES> folder Deals> field Stage>changes to value WON:

7. Create a new action SEND SLACK MESSAGE in your workflow automation:

8. Paste the webhook URL previously generated and compose the Slack message that you need, you can also use macros to include information from the record:

9. Activate the workflow and test it. Change the deal's record into Won and check the Slack channel:

If you have questions or trouble setting up this automation in NetHunt CRM, email us at support@nethunt.com or schedule an assistance call — we'll be happy to help!

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