When you close a deal - isn't it great to notify the whole team about it? Or you moved someone to Lost? Maybe you want to let them know that a deadline is shifted?

Anything you want to notify your team about can be done in NetHunt.

We have a few options to do so: Slack, Google chat and Email.

Here, let us take a look on how you can send email notifications to your team with the help of workflows.

Sample workflow

We are looking at the case where a new lead has been created in your pipeline from a webform "Request a quote". So all your sales team (sales@company.com) will get an email and who is the fastest to process the lead - gets the bonus:)

1. Set a trigger. If you have your custom webform, check this guide on how to connect it. Here, we are taking a NetHunt custom webform that captures the form submission "Request a quote". Here is the guide on how to connect the custom webform to NetHunt.

2. Set an action - Create a record (if you want to capture your leads straight in your CRM). Here is the guide.

3. Set another action - send an email. Please note, that you can choose CUSTOM EMAIL ADDRESS to have emails sent to. In my case, I indicated TEAM email address, so everyone included to this group will receive an email and will have to react to it.

Voila! Your team will be fast to close new deals!

By the way, check how to send the same alerts to Slack or Google chat if you are using those.

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