If you are using Google chats, you can set it up so you can get notifications either to a room or directly to a chat instantly.

Google chats can be a very good way to keep up with notifications and also share that information with your team. If you are using Google chats in your company, this might be of interest.

The connection between Google chats and NetHunt CRM would be possible by using Google chats incoming webhooks. You can set it up this way:

  1. Go to the Google chat or a Room (in this example we selected a Room called "Orders Received"), click on the more options and on the Manage Webhooks option:

2. Name the incoming webhook, for example "New orders", and click on save:

3. Copy the webhook URL that will be generated:

4. Create a new automation. In this example we select "Create record in a folder" as the trigger event assuming a new record is created in that folder every time you get an order from the customer:

5. Add an action and select Send Google Chat message:

6. Paste the webhook URL in the corresponding field and compose your message, you can include macros to add information from the record:

7. The message will be delivered to the selected chat/room:

You can check on further details on Google chat webhooks here.

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