Email campaigns

One-time campaigns allow you to send bulk emails to a selected contact list. With NetHunt you’ll be able to send basic plain text emails as well as fancy HTML e-blasts. Here you can find a guide on how to create one.

Manual scheduling

Email campaigns are to be manually created and scheduled.

Advanced statistics

One of the cool features we have in NetHunt is the possibility to view overall campaign activity such as opens, clicks, bounces etc.


You’ll be able to filter contacts based on opens, clicks, replies etc. Later on you can also mass update their records for better management of your database.


NetHunt’s “Workflows'' feature uses rule-based logic to automate nuisance manual work; a modern-day savior from laborious data entry and lead nurturing. Workflows can be used for email automation, as well as to collect contacts using webforms, automate record updates, task creation, contacts filtering and much more! Look into this artilcle to find our more.

So here is just a couple of automations you can do with workflows:

✓ Capture webforms leads and pop them straight into your CRM.

✓ Schedule drip campaigns for lead nurturing. This is not a joke: you can nurture your leads without raising a finger. Ok, maybe one finger raised to set up an actual workflow. Check out this article to find out more.

✓ Use an algorithm to move a lead to the next stage in your pipeline, based on their response.

✓ Enable alerts to help you stay in the loop whenever anything notable happens.

✓ Use an algorithm to assign incoming leads to relevant team members.

Drip campaigns

Let's take a look at one of the workflow examples here. This is a drip campaign set up by one of our team members. In this workflow, a record gets created once the webform is submitted. The contact is followed by a welcome email, then another email comes in three days. After it, we are waiting to offer a Christmas sale. But it will be possible to stop the email sequence once a contact replies to one of the emails or the account manager is assigned to the lead.

NetHunt’s advise

So should you use email campaigns or workflows when it comes to sending email campaigns?

If you are planning to send bulk emails once in a while, certainly Email campaigns will be good for you. You should use them if it is not a repetitive process, like where you need to send the same automated templates to newly created leads. For example, you need to send a newsletter to a quick reminder to the contact list.

But, if you wish to automate your business and need to set up a stable flow of leads and their nurturing from the moment of receiving their contact info to the deal – then workflows are an absolute solution for you. Once you have a workflow build, it’ll work for you while you are focusing on more important tasks. And of course, our Customer Success Team will be happy to help you build one, shoot us with email at or a chat message on our website.

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