There are two ways to do that:

  1. You can create a campaign right from your dashboard...

and choose a saved list (filter/view):

2. You can also make a list of recipients inside the folder using filters (in our case we chose all records that are in stage Won). And then just hit the "Create campaign" button:

Step 2. Make sure you have no duplicates in recipient list

If you do, the system will let you exclude them:

Step 3. Compose a template

Click "Continue" to proceed to a template editor.

Now it's time to write the message to your audience!
If you want to add a bit of personalization to your messages, click on "Add Macros" button when composing a template to add relevant information.

This might include first name, last name, website, phone number, etc.

And do not forget to add an UNSUBSCRIBE button:

Step 4. Preview campaign personalization

Click on a record button to preview what it will look like for every recipient.

Step 5. Send campaign

Click on "Send campaign" button to start mass mailing.

Step 6. Statistics

Once you’re done, you can measure the result of your campaign by checking the general open/click/reply/bounce and unsubscribe rates of your messages:

NetHunt will remember the contacts who unsubscribed and will notify you to exclude from your next mailing list in the future:

Step 7. How to send out a follow-up email from the previous campaign

Having sent the campaign, you can now send out a follow-up message previously having filtered the recipients by:
Open/Click/Reply/Bounce/Unsubscribe rates and send out another one:

This way you can send out a few new campaigns e.g. to those who 1) opened but not replied; 2) never opened 3) opened and replied etc.

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