Having sent an email campaign you get several stats:

Then you can filter your recipients (their contact records) by these stats (their behaviour). Let's say you got some emails bounced and you want to somehow mark the bounced emails in the contact records so you can either delete them later or go one by one and call each person to "verify" their email addresses and update their profiles.

Here are the steps:

  1. As an example I will take my Contacts folder. First, I go to its settings and add a new field of the format CHECKBOX "Bounced" and save the settings:

2. Go back to your campaign and filter your recipients by "Bounced" value:

3. Select them all and click on the "Mass update" button:

4. Choose the newly added field "Bounced">Make checked and update your records:

5. Go to the Contacts folder and filter out the records that have the field marked as Bounced:

Now you see all the records that might have "invalid" emails and you can work with them from here.

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