NetHunt will automatically link all the sent/received emails to relevant clients/contacts/people records in your CRM.

Let's say you have a Contacts folder where you keep all your contacts' profiles.

Contact records have the Email address field, which allows the system to trigger emails from/to the client and link them to the relevant records. Thus, all the communication with a certain recipient will be stored in one place, no matter which manager leads the thread:

To set it up:

  1. Go to Settings;

  2. Choose the Folder and field management and select the folder to customize;

  3. Add a field "Email";

  4. Make sure that you have the "Auto-link future emails" option activated:

You can also auto-link emails to Companies by a URL field

Let's say, you are messaging a company and every time you get a different person to email you. In NetHunt you can auto-link all of the emails with the same domain to the needed Company record and create new Contacts on the go.

This is how you link all of the emails to/from one domain:

1. Go to your Settings - Folder and Field Management - Companies and create a URL field.

2. Check the "Automatically link future emails from this domain address" option.

Once you get emails from the company domain, the company snippet will be right there for you.

You can also create a new Contact directly from the email and it will automatically linked to the Company. So it's just one click needed to add the Contact and link them to the Company.

To do so, hit the NetHunt icon at the top of the email and auto-create the record.

Therefore, all future emails from/to the clients indicated in the record will be linked to their entries. Enjoy!

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