After you’ve finished setting up a folder, you can start creating records in it. There are two ways to create records.

Create records from inbox

As soon as you receive an email, you can immediately turn it into a record not even opening the email first. Click on the NetHunt icon in the email subject line to open a Record creation menu. Once you click on the icon, we will suggest you create a Contact or a Company record (or both). You can check a guide on Contact/Company creation here.

Here you can search for the existing records (you can use the advanced search options) to add a new email to them. This way you can add new emails to the existing records on the same topic to avoid data duplication. 

You can also click on the "Suggested" option and NetHunt will automatically create a record in your Contacts folder taking the first and last name of the recipient and his email address right into respective fields. 

Alternatively, NetHunt CRM gives you suggestions as to the title of the record based on its content.

In case there’s no such record found, you can create a new one inside any folder you have access to.

To unlink (delete) an email from a record, click on the snippet and choose “Unlink record”.

The same options are available from an open email. All you have to do is click on the NetHunt button in the toolbar.

The record data will become available from inside that email in the right sidebar after you’ve created a record based on an email or added an email to the existing record. Here you’re able to check and edit the corresponding record data inside the fields.

Create records from a record list or a view

To create a new record, access either a folder...

or a previously created view and hit “+New record”.

Then, start filling out the fields you already have with the relevant information.

Let's say you have a deal folder where there is a field Client. This field's type is Record list allowing you to establish links between folders: Deals and Clients.
So you link a deal to a client. If you only created a deal but the client record does not exist yet - you can simply create the client's record from the deal.

  1. Go to the Deal record

  2. Click on the client field and click on the Create new option>Choose the folder you will place the newly created record.

3. Create a record by filling out data.

4. These two records will be linked at once and when you click on the  Client record - scroll down and you will see the deal record as related:

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