When you start using NetHunt, you see that all data is stored in folders that contain records. 

A record in NetHunt is an entry you create inside a folder, be it a customer profile, a deal, a support case, a contact etc.

Each record consists of the following parts:

  1. The field set/profile to the left. All the fields you create in the folder settings are depicted on the record form. You can fully customize all the fields whenever you want in one click.

  2. Timeline that shows comments, call logs, calendar events, files as well as the field updates and the emails linked to this record. You may actually see who updated the field and its value changes. The section at the top allows adding new comments/call logs/Calendar events as well as Files from your computer or Google Drive.

  3. Tasks tab that is revealed in one click (see the screenshot below). It contains all existing tasks linked to the record as well as the button to create new ones.

If you want to drill down into the interactions and updates displayed on the timeline, you can select what types of events are being shown on/hidden from it.

Also, you can pin an item on the record timeline to have it show up first when you access the record. All the users who have the access to the folder with records will see this pinned item first:

Additionally, you can view the events from related records' timelines on the timeline of the given record. That can be enabled from the Related Events menu. It gives you the 360 overview of all the related records' events from one record.

Mass select records in the list view

When in the list view you need to select certain records (from>till), you can use the key combination: hold on to SHIFT and select the first record (from) and the last one (till):

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