Often when you work with a company record or a person’s profile, you need to look at additional information that is in another record. But who wants to switch to another record, especially when the transition itself takes longer than reading the information?

In order to avoid this, we made a display of related records.

It works really simple. You click on a special button in your record and see related events from the folder you choose. 


Imagine that you want to go to a company record and see all the simultanious updates related to its deals, contacts, tasks etc.
Simply click on the "folder" icon next to the Timeline filter and choose one or multiple folders to show the events from:

The company record acts as a hub for all its related record (folders) in this case. 

The same way you can enjoy viewing the information about related tasks or updates in the company record when you check the deal status.


The events on your Timeline would be divided by snippets from other folders so that you could recognize them from original events of this record. 

You can reflect events from all related records at once as well.

Manipulating with an Event Filter button you can find the necessary email or attachment real quick even when you have a lot of items on a Timeline.

Find your own application of this option and use it as you wish! 

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