If you happen to get generic emails related to various customers in your database (let's say you get emails from support@company name) but the part of the subject line contains a name of the record (address, name of the client/company etc), you can make the system link this email to the existent record in your NetHunt.

For the test run, send yourself an email with the test subject line. Create a test record containing a record name matching the subject line of the email.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Choose Gmail as the Trigger > New Email

  2. In Edit Options leave the "Inbox and all labels"

3. Choose Formatter by Zapier as an Action
4. The Action is Text

5. Edit template:

  • Transform > Extract pattern

  • Input > Step 1 > Subject

  • Pattern: (you need to insert the following text): ^\D*(\d+)\s([a-zA-Z]+)

6. Add another step: NetHunt app
7. Action: Find record
8. Edit options:

  • Choose the folder you want to link emails to;

  • Type into the Search query: "name"="Output 0" "Output 1"

Where the Output you need to insert from the drop down option you get when clicking on the "+". Click on "+">Text>Output 0 and then Output 1. Put the space between the Output. It will show you the Step 2 in both cases.

9. Add another step: Action > NetHunt app >  Add Gmail Thread to Record
10. Edit template:

  • Choose the folder you want to link emails to;

  • Record > Use a Custom Value (advanced);

  • Custom value for record ID > Record

  • Gmail Thread ID > Thread ID

11. Press Continue, then Finish.

12. Enable your Zap.

Remember to check the test run sent to your CRM and make sure that everything went smoothly.

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