Imagine one of your co-workers is either leaving the company or is promoted to another position, hence no longer needs to manage deals/clients assigned to them.

Another situation - you want to alter your account by a new one (switch from personal email to the corporate one or you changed the company domain and now need to use the new account instead).

Now you need to reassign their records to a new NetHunt user or an existing one.

To make the user account update:

  1. Invite them to the workspace.

  2. When they accept the invitation and are added to the workspace, go to each folder you want to reassign the records and filter the records by the former employee:

E.g. All the deals belonging to my former employee Jules Verne need to be reassigned to the new user John Perkins.

  • Go to the Deals folder (do it with all records in all folders you need to reassign records to a new manager) and filter the records by the field Manager (or Assignee, which one you have) indicating the name of the former employee;

  • when you get the list - select all the records and click on the mass update button:

  • choose the field Manager and Replace by the name of the new user:

3. Having reassigned the records in all the needed folders you can now remove the former employee from your workspace.

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