How to connect Stream Telecom to your NetHunt workspace

In order to connect your Stream Telecom account to NetHunt, please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your Settings > Integration > Integrate with Stream Telecom > Manage:

  2. Please make sure that you have properly set up the data enrichment in the Contacts folder, along with the duplicate detection rules by phone number:

  3. The next step is to reach out to Stream Telecom support and request the web-hook settings and API keys. You can copy the template of the letter on the NetHunt settings page. After sending the letter, you will have to wait and continue the configuration after receiving a response from them.

  4. Once you've received a response, make a test call to your Stream Telecom number. After that, test the status of the web-hook - click TEST:

    If the web-hook is not configured (or you did not make a test call), you will receive the following message:

    If your web-hook was connected properly, everything will work the way it's supposed to.

  5. With your next step, fill in the API keys that you received from Stream Telecom and your login and password:

  6. Once you have set up everything, click the Connect button:

  7. Once connected, NetHunt will automatically match the accounts found in your Stream Telecom to the accounts in NetHunt.

    Only NetHunt users will be able to attach calls in the CRM. If you have a user in Stream Telecom, who is not a member of your NetHunt workspace, you will need to invite him:

How to work with Stream Telecom in NetHunt CRM

Call history

In your "Stream Telecom calls" section you can view all the information on the calls that have been made:

  • which of the employees accepted or made the call and to which number,

  • duration and date of the call,

  • call status — answered or not aswered.

Your calls can also be sorted by a few metrics such as call duration, creation date, and last update date.

Creating a contact out of your call

If someone is calling you for the first time (the person is not in your CRM yet), the system will show this and provide an opportunity to create a new customer record:

In order to create a new contact, click on the NetHunt icon on the right and enter the information needed:

You can use the suggestion, or create a new record in one of your folders. After that, all calls with this contact will be available in his card on the timeline.

Listen to the call recording

You can also listen to the call recording both from the card and from the call history:

Making calls from CRM

You call also call your customers directly from the CRM. To do so, click on their phone number in the record and click Call (Stream Telecom):

Important: Stream Telecom integration is available to users of Business and Advanced subscription plans. If you're on the Basic plan, you can ask for a free 14-day trial for this integration and upgrade later if the integration works for you.

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