1. NetHunt's integration with Intercom is available to NetHunt CRM trial users and users with the following subscription plans: Business and Advanced. You can find more details about the difference between the pricing plans here.

  2. Basic plan users will be able to activate a 14-day trial for this integration and test it out. To start trialing, please connect your NetHunt CRM workspace to Intercom. More instructions can be found here.

    If you wish to proceed using integration with Intercom after the 14-day trial, please upgrade to either Business or Advanced.

  3. At the moment, integration with Intercom allows creating new Contacts, but not other types of CRM records you have in your workspace (e.g., Companies, Deals, Tasks, etc.)

  4. Intercom chats are visible to all users in your NetHunt workspace by default.

  5. If, at some point, you decide to stop using integration with Intercom and disconnect your account, linked chats will remain in your CRM.

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