NetHunt's integration with Facebook Messenger allows you to link and view Facebook messages in your NetHunt records, so associate those conversations with Contacts, Companies, Deals and any other records you have in your workspace.

Please note:

  1. NetHunt's integration with Facebook Messenger is available to NetHunt CRM trial users and users with the following subscription plans: Business and Advanced. You can find more details about the difference between the pricing plans here.

  2. Professional plan users will be able to activate 14-day trial for this integration and test it out. To start trialing, please connect your NetHunt CRM workspace to a Facebook page.

    If you wish to proceed using integration with Facebook Messenger after the 14-day trial, please upgrade to either Business or Advanced.

To connect your Facebook page to NetHunt CRM go to Settings - Integrations - Facebook and hit "Connect".

You are now redirected to the Facebook page. If you are logged on to your Facebook account on this computer, you can just confirm that you would like to continue as your current user, if not - you will need to log in and then continue.

Then, you need to select one or a couple of pages you would like to be connected to NetHunt and hit "Next".

After this one - give NetHunt all the permissions to read your Facebook page's messages and show them in the workspace. Don't worry - it's all secure and we only work with the messages sent to your business page, none of the personal Facebook conversations are being linked.

Perfect! Your NetHunt and Facebook are now integrated and you can see that in your NetHunt settings. If you will need to disconnect the Facebook page at some point - your Settings - Integrations is the place to go to.

You can see that you now have a Facebook chats icon in your left sidebar - available for both, your Gmail extension and web application.

Now, let's check out the integration and send a test message to the Facebook page of yours.

When you go to your Facebook Chats you can see the list of all the conversations from Facebook and can open each of them, as well as link those to all the needed existing records for them to be associated with the needed Contacts and Deals.

The linked conversations will be also appearing and updating as timeline events in the linked records. So you can check out the previous conversations right from the profile, just like it works for our Gmail and Intercom integrations.

That's all! Enjoy your NetHunt and Facebook integration!

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