To set up and manage NetHunt's integration with Intercom, you should:

  • have an active workspace in NetHunt CRM and be its Admin;

  • have an active Intercom account.

Integration set up instructions

1. To connect your NetHunt CRM workspace to Intercom, go to your CRM Settings —> Integration and click the 'CONNECT' button:

Please note: only NetHunt users with Admin role can manage available CRM integrations.

2. Log in to your Intercom account and then confirm granting access by clicking 'Authorize access':

3. Once the Intercom is connected, you will be directed back to your workspace Settings:

4. Next, go to your Intercom app and open any chat in the Intercom Inbox. On the top right corner click on 'Customize':

Then add NetHunt CRM and click Done.
By clicking on 'Customize', you can also move NetHunt CRM higher or lower in the right-side panel for more convenience.

5. Once NetHunt CRM is added to the Intercom's right-side panel, click on the 'Connect to NetHunt CRM' button:

The system will then automatically connect your Intercom account with the right NetHunt CRM workspace and you'll see the following message:

It means that NetHunt CRM and Intercom are successfully connected, and you can now close this tab and hit 'Refresh' button. Right after, you'll see the message that NetHunt CRM account is now connected:

If you have trouble connecting you NetHunt CRM workspace with Intercom, please contact us at

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