Having sent the first campaign, you can now send out a follow-up message to your contact list based on their behavior.

The campaign can be filtered by different criteria:


This way you can send out a few new campaigns e.g. to those who:

1) opened but not replied;
2) never opened
3) opened and replied etc.

When sending out the campaign, you can select the option for "Send as Reply" if you would like your follow-up campaign to be sent in the same thread.

When you have the list, you can compose a follow up email and the system will also tell you who has previously unsubscribed, so you do not bother them again:

Having sent a follow-up email campaign, all the emails get linked to the recipients records in NetHunt.

If you sent your campaign as a reply, you will see the note about the previous campaign it was sent from the new one.

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