When sending out automatic email sequence, the path of your record in this automation depends on the reaction you get - your Contact/Company never got back, unsubscribed or replied to your email. Sometimes the email address may not even be found.

It can be a general auto-reply that your email was received, vacation email or any other pre-set auto-replies people and companies set up.

The emails you receive as auto-replies will get linked to a corresponding record, but the "Wait for email" step won't react to them and such step won't be initiated.

Below you can see how auto-replies will look on your timeline.

In this case here, there was an automation email that got an auto-reply, but the system never moved it to Branch B and will be waiting to send another email after the Wait step is done.

Please note that this Workflows improvement currently works for Gmail and Outlook based email domains, so will ignore the auto-replies of these two providers.


In case we receive a "hard bounce" (i.e. such email doesn't exist), Workflows will skip such emails and the "Wait for email" step won't react to them. Bounces can be counted shown as statistics on steps.

The Bounce recognition feature also works for Gmail and Outlook only at the time. There might be some automated messages which can be considered as an auto-reply and bounce by other providers (and vice versa). Each email provider has it's own automated messages, so not all auto-replies might get skipped and not all bounces might be considered as bounces in our stats.

NetHunt will be supporting some more email providers in the future, so feel free to let us know if you notice similar cases.

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