SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) manages the email sending.
Basically, it allows you to deliver the messages by the remote server. 

There are two critical features to help email services: SMTP and POP3. They enable the user to send outgoing mail together, respectively, and to collect incoming mail.

If you use an email client, the SMTP server environment will need to be configured to allow you to send outgoing messages.

NetHunt SMTP allows you to send out unlimited email campaigns avoiding Gmail/GSuite limitations

It has been set up for you already. Currently, this feature is free (fees will be applied in the future), and available on Business and Advanced plans only, not in the trial version either.

You can set it up following this guide.

Email campaigns through NetHunt SMTP are available for business Gmail accounts only, owners of generic emails can only use it in NetHunt Workflows.

INTERVAL among sent emails in the sequence is set to 5-6 seconds.

We do not make the faster send due to locks.


You are responsible for the contact lists you send email campaigns to. If you are detected in spam activity - we will ban your SMTP usage permanently since it affects our server and email deliverability for other users.

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