To ensure good email delivery when sending email campaigns, we highly recommend you to setup SPF and DKIM TXT records for your domains.

NOTE: This process applies only if you have a custom domain address and not a regular Gmail email address ending with

The overall process is quite simple if you follow the guide below. Also, consider consulting your appropriate domain provider’s guides on the process.

You can also check this video for more information on DKIM

How to configure SPF Record (GoDaddy example)

You can find SPF record in your domain hosting provider’s settings.

  1. Go to your domain hosting website's Settings page and navigate to the DNS settings.

   2. The DNS Manager page opens with information about existing DNS records and you can Add a new DNS record.

   3. Add a new TXT record with the following value:

v=spf1 ~all

  4. Save changes.

How to configure DKIM Record (GoDaddy example)

First of all you need to determine what domain you would like to add.

For example -

Note: if you have a domain part in your email address like you should set up your settings for that domain, not for or any other.

  1. Go to NetHunt CRM Settings page and open “DKIM/SPF/SMTP”

3. If you haven’t already, add your domain address by hitting “Add domain”

4. Under “DKIM Status” you’ll find 2 data fields - “TXT record host” and “TXT record value”. You’ll need them in the following steps.

5. Go to your domain hosting website's Settings page and paste the copied Record values for corresponding TXT Host (1) and TXT Value (2) and then publish them to the DNS servers.

Please note that the domain update might take up to an hour. However, you can return to the NetHunt CRM Settings and manually verify the status of DKIM and SPF records.

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