Zapier is a great software integrator that allows you to automate various processes in the software you use.

You may facilitate your work with NetHunt CRM by using the Time since field update option to have the Stage field change its value automatically.

Let's say you sell subscriptions and each one expires in one year (365 days). You need to follow-up on clients to make sure they renew.

Initially, you need to make sure that you have 2 fields set up:

TIME SINCE FIELD UPDATE (tracking the STAGE field)

When the Deal is in WON Stage and reaches the Time since the Stage field update 365 days....

It will automatically change the Stage from Won to Expired:

You can create a view for all the Expired deals and notify your clients to renew:

The steps to set up this automation are as follows:

  • Choose NetHunt as a trigger and set it to New or Updated Record in the Filter field.

  • Edit options: Choose the folder (Deals), Field (Stage), Search query:("Stage"=Won "Time since update"=365)

  • Set an action application: Update record

  • Edit template: select the folder 9e.g. Deals), Record field (Use a Custom Value (advanced)), Custom value for Record ID: Record ID and Stage field> Expired:

Voila! Great job is done.

If you want to have NetHunt send emails to those clients whose subscriptions have expired, you can also create another zap sending out emails once a Deal Stage is changed to Expired. Follow this guide for more info.

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