Let's say you have a folder for Deals and everytime you change the deal's stage into a certain value - you have a task created automatically related to this deal.

Here are the steps to set it up:

  • Set a trigger: NetHunt>New or Updated Record (Advanced)>choose the folder with records to be triggered (e.g. Deals)>choose a field to trigger (Stage):

  • Add the second step: Filter by Zapier>Select filter set-up>Only continue if>Stage:Completely matches> e.g. Negotiating:

  • Set an action>NetHunt>Create record>Customize record: Fill out all the necessary fields:

Having field out necessary fields in your task, the main thing is to indicate in the field that link to the deal record: the deal's recordID. Click on the field Related deal>Use a custom value (advanced), click on the second field and choose the RecordID from the first step (New or Updated Record (Advanced)):

Once you change the deal's stage into a certain value (in my case "Negotiating"), there will be a new task created to this deal.

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