When you need to automate a process in your CRM, you need to create a workflow.

Workflows consist of triggers and actions. Easy.

To learn about triggers, follow this guide.

What is an action?

1 action in limits is a SUCCESSFUL execution of any workflow steps that are gathered under the Header "Actions" in the "Add step" dialog. Such steps also have a blue square with the icon in their step card. E.g. Send email, create a record/task, update a record, send Slack/Google chat message. Triggers and helpers (all kinds of wait, split, filters and stop) are not considered Actions and they do not count towards the limit of the monthly actions quota.

Action is the event that follows the trigger after it was started.

Available actions

  1. Send an email. When you, for example, want to send an email right after a record has been added to your CRM, you need to add this action. Here is a possible use case you can consider - to send out drip campaigns to your leads.

  2. Send a Slack message. If you are using Slack you can set it up so you can get notifications on a Slack channel instantly.
    Here is the guide on how to set it up.

  3. Send a Google Chat message. Similar to Slack, Google chats are another way to notify your team on a certain change in your system.

  4. Create a new record. When, let's say, you connect your webform to NetHunt (see triggers), you will need to create a new lead in your folder. This action will be a step two in your workflow and here is the guide to set it up.

  5. Update a record. Let us say you want to update the Probability field in your Deal once you update its Stage. Here is a detailed guide on this possible workflow.

  6. Update related records. You can update the fields of a related record. For example if a prospect replies to you, you can move the deal to negotiating. More details about this option in this guide.

  7. Create a Task. One of the most popular actions. If you want to create tasks assigned to you or your team based on any trigger, you can use this action and here is a detailed guide.

Manage actions in your subscription

For each plan you have a certain amount of actions per months:

  1. Trial - 500 actions;

  2. Business - 2,000 actions;

  3. Advanced - 10,000 actions.

If you see you run out of actions and receive an email notification from us, you can purchase additional actions for an additional fee:

How to purchase additional actions

  1. Go to your Settings>Billing>Plan details and scroll down to Workflows subscription:

  2. Purchase the actions plan you need. This will be considered as a separate bill along with your CRM subscription and will be charged monthly. Please note that the extra purchased actions will be also reset each month and not added to the following month's subscription.

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