As we've already mentioned, the Workflows feature essentially consists of triggers, actions, and helpers organized in workflow templates.

In NetHunt CRM, there's a certain number of actions and workflow templates included in Business and Advanced plans:

  • Business plan: 2,000 actions/month and 50 workflow templates (total).

  • Advanced plan: 10,000 actions/month and 200 workflow templates (total).

Your monthly actions limit resets when your next billing cycle starts. For example, if you purchased your NetHunt subscription on April 15th, your actions limit will reset on the 15th of each month, regardless of whether your subscription is monthly or annual.

To find out more about our pricing plans, click here.

How to track the amount of actions and workflows that you've spent

Here're a few ways you can monitor your actions and workflow templates status:

1. NetHunt CRM dashboard now has a new widget showing your actions and workflow templates limits along with the actions and workflow templates already used:

2. You can also check your current actions status by clicking Workflows in the left-hand side panel and looking at the status bar on top of the page:

What happens when limitations are exceeded

Workflow templates

When the number of created workflow templates reaches your maximum limit, you won't be able to create new ones.

In order to create a new workflow after you've reached the limit, please delete one of the workflow templates that you no longer need or upgrade to a higher plan.


When the number of actions reaches your maximum limit, all the following actions in your workflows will be marked as failed in the Workflows History panel. To avoid this, you can purchase additional actions or deactivate your workflows.

Please note: when you deactivate a workflow, all the actions in the 'Waiting' stage are canceled and the whole workflow will need to be re-launched again.

To help you avoid any unwanted workflow locks, NetHunt will notify you via email when you have less than 10% of actions left, and when you have 0 actions left.

How purchasing additional actions works

When you're out of actions for the current month or you know that the current amount of actions won't be enough, you can either purchase additional actions or upgrade to a higher plan.

Both options are available from the Workflows widget on your Dashboard:

Important notes

  • Additional actions are available for a subscription-based purchase. It means that the number of actions you'd choose will be added to your account on a monthly basis.

    For example, you've got 2,000 actions included in your Business subscription plan and you're adding another 5,000 actions at the price of $20. These 5,000 actions will be added to your account right away and available till the end of your billing cycle. When your plan renews next month, these 5,000 actions will be added to your account again, and your credit card will be charged again too.
    When you no longer need additional actions for your account, please make sure to cancel them so we won't charge you again.

  • Additionally purchased actions are available till the end of your current billing cycle and will reset when the new billing cycle starts.

    For example, if you purchased your NetHunt subscription on April 15th, your actions limit (both included and additional) will reset on the 15th of each month, regardless of whether your subscription is monthly or annual.
    This also means that if you purchase additional actions a week before your billing cycle ends — they will be available to you only for a week. Then they will reset and another charge will be made to your credit card. So, please plan your actions spend and purchases carefully.

  • If the actions limit is exceeded, the automations will continue to be triggered but will fail once it reaches the next action in the template. We're not stopping the workflows if the limit is exceeded so the user would see which events should have happened. This would also prevent the user from loosing the data collected via the web form submissions (they won't create record, but the received field data will be available from the step's history). - We'll send an email to the Workflow owners if there's 10% of actions left and when the limit is exceeded.

  • Workspaces with the paid plans that include the Workflows can continue to use actions over the limit until their workspace's next limit reset period (it's unique for each workspace and can be checked from the Billing widget and actions counter) but after their next reset will start monitoring the limits and lock workflows from execution if the limit gets exceeded. So if the workspace is already over limit, the workflows will not stop and they will have more than a month to estimate the real usage and upgrade/expand limits. We'll also show the user a tutorial banner explanation of how this works and when they need to start actually caring for the number of actions they use.

  • On trial, we provide users with 500 actions. It is enough to get the taste for the Workflows. You can't expand the action limit on trial. A paid subscription plan is required and it must include the Workflows among the features (Business and Advanced plan).

  • Users on the paid plans that do not include the Workflows (Basic) can activate the Workflows Trial period for 14 days with 500 actions. After one of these limitations is exceeded they need to upgrade.

For more details on setting up your Workflows, please use these tutorials.

If you have questions or trouble setting up this automation in NetHunt CRM, email us at or schedule an assistance call — we'll be happy to help!

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