NetHunt's Referral Program is created to reward NetHunt CRM users for sharing NetHunt with their friends and acquaintances.

How to start

To activate Referral program in your NetHunt CRM workspace go to Settings —> Rewards —> click Get Rewarded.

Please note:

  • You need to be an Admin in your NetHunt CRM workspace in order to activate Rewards. After Rewards are activated, any workspace user will be able to access it and copy the link to share.

  • Rewards can be activated for only one NetHunt CRM workspace, therefore if you have several paid workspaces, make sure you activate Rewards for the right one.

  • Rewards are available only to paid NetHunt CRM users.

How it works

Step 1: Get your referral link.

Activate Referral Program in your NetHunt CRM account and grab your unique referral link.

Step 2: Share your link.

Share NetHunt with your friends and acquaintances using your unique referral link.

You can use one of the options available in NetHunt CRM or send the link directly to the people you know.

Step 3: Get rewards if people subscribe!

Earn a one-time $30 credit to your NetHunt account as someone purchases NetHunt CRM subscription using your link.

Please note: If a person you referred requests refund within 60 days after the first purchase is made, the credit made to your account will be deducted from it subsequently to the refund being made.


By joining NetHunt CRM Referral Program you agree:

  • not to engage in brand bidding — a kind of contextual advertising, when keywords of the advertisement contain the NetHunt CRM brand, its transliteration and derivatives;

  • not to place referral links or promote and advertise NetHunt products and services in any way on resources with adult content; content advocating against an individual, group or organization; recreational drugs and drug-related content; hacking, cracking and malware content; misrepresentative content; violent content; content that enables dishonest behavior and illegal content.

NetHunt reserves the right to block the referral user's account if any or all of the above terms are violated.

Terms and rewards of this Referral Program is subject to change at any time.


How do I know that I received a reward?

You will receive an email notification from us each time a contact you referred to NetHunt CRM purchases NetHunt subscription.

How can I see my rewards?

The credits you earned will be available in your Billing section and available to be used against your NetHunt subscription invoices, Workflow actions purchases, etc.

How can I use the credit?

You can use earned credits to purchase Workflow actions in NetHunt and pay for NetHunt CRM subscription.

How long do cookies last?
Cookies will expire after 45 days. It means that the contact you referred to NetHunt has 45 days to purchase NetHunt subscription after they used your unique link for the first time.

If you have any other questions, please email us at

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