The workflow automation is a powerful tool that would allow you to perform certain actions in all your records as you select a trigger. But, you might want to further select contacts to perform actions based on certain criteria. In this article you will learn how to filter your records in the workflow automation and perform an action on only those meeting certain conditions.

Assume you have your list of customers and you have two fields, "Interested" which tell you information about the kind of products your customers are interested in; and "Purchased" which give you information on the products your customers have bought from you. In this example we are going to target customers who are interested in personal hygiene products and have purchased a shampoo or a hair conditioner and we will include them into an email sequence based on that information:

  1. After you select your trigger (e.g. record created, order placed, etc) you need to select filter from the HELPERS section:

2. You need to select fields you would like to filter and their values. You can nest different fields with "AND/OR" at your convenience. For this example we are filtering customers interested in personal hygiene AND also purchased a shampoo OR a hair conditioner:

3. After the filter is set up, the system will separate the records between those that meet the conditions and those that do not. In this example, those that meet the conditions will be sent an email "Discount offer" while those that do not, would not get any emails:

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