First case: Submit a web form - Create a contact - Create a company - Link contact and company together

After a webform submission, you are creating contact and company record - the next step would be to link these two records together. Let's take a look at the following workflow:

  1. Webform is submitted - you create a web form and add the fields that you need to be included there.

2. Create a new record in Contacts - a new record will be created in the Contacts folder (or any folder you choose). Please do not forget to map all the fields properly:

3. Create a new record in Companies and link these two records together - make sure to tick the checkbox so the records will be linked:

Now every time the webform will be submitted, 2 new records will be created (Contact + Company) and they will be linked together:

Second case: Submit a web form - Create a contact - Link a contact to an already existing company

Let's say you have a webform that creates a contact and company, however there are cases, when a company record already exists, thus, you don't need to create a new one. The structure of the workflow will remain the same:

In order to avoid creating an already existing company, you need to create a duplicate detection rule for Companies by the field that would be relevant for you (Company name mostly). If the rule is in place, only a contact record will be created and linked to an existing company record.

Third case: Contact/Company update - Create a deal - Link the records

In this case, every time a specific value changes in the Contact/Company record a new deal is created and linked to the initial record:

  1. Field value changes - in this case, the trigger would be stage update (from Negotiating to Won). But obviously, any other update could be used as a trigger as well:

    2. Create a new deal - a new deal would be created upon the stage update. Make sure to tick the checkbox so the records will be linked:

    Now let's try to update a stage for a contact of yours:

In the related records I see that a new deal was created and is already linked to a contact:

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