1. One-click contacts creation in NetHunt CRM.

    To create a new Contact in your CRM, click on the NetHunt icon next to a person's name. This record will be added to the Contacts folder in NetHunt. NetHunt icons (and thus an opportunity to add a lead) are available not only on a person's profile, but almost everywhere on LinkedIn: home page, search, recommendations, etc.

    2. Automatic profile enrichment.

When you add a new Contact or a new Company from LinkedIn to NetHunt, their profile will be automatically enriched with the details that are available to you as a user: picture, first name, last name, company, title, email, phone number, Skype id, Twitter handle, birth date, link to LinkedIn profile.

If a person that you're adding is not your 1st connection on LinkedIn, you might not have access to all the profile details that they have shared. That is why we recommend adding leads to your connections first.

Also, when you 're adding a new company, its profile will be enriched with the following details if provided by the company: name, description, logo, website, phone number, address, foundation date, industries, company size, link to LinkedIn profile.

     3. One-click company creation in NetHunt CRM. 

To create a new Company in your CRM, click on the NetHunt icon next to the company profile and the new record will be created in the NetHunt's Companies folder:

    4. NetHunt sidebar within LinkedIn.

After you add a new contact or company from LinkedIn to NetHunt, the side bar will be available on their profile pages for quick edit. It also allows to see all the lead- or company-related information, providing you with a valuable context when you need it the most.

    5. Instantly see the new and existing leads.

NetHunt-LinkedIn integration allows you to instantly see which LinkedIn profiles and companies are already in your CRM and which ones are new.
For example, when you see the blue NetHunt icon next to the person's name, it means that you already have this contact in your CRM. And if the icon is white — this contact is not yet in your CRM, or you haven't linked them yet.

   6. Unlink LinkedIn profile from NetHunt CRM

To unlink a LinkedIn profile from NetHunt CRM, click the blue NetHunt icon next to the person's name and choose 'Unlink from existing record'. Right after that NetHunt icon will turn white, which would mean that the record in unlinked.
Please note that your CRM record will remain safe in NetHunt, but it will not longer show up in your LinkedIn as a connected profile.

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