When you receive a brand new email - you can quickly create a contact record right from your inbox.
To do so:

  1. Hover your mouse over the NetHunt icon and click on it

  2. You'll be suggested to magically auto-create the Contact record that will be saved in the default Contacts folder:

3. when you open the email - you will see a linked record to it with the sender's contact details (First name, Last name and the email address) filled out along with the saved profile picture (if it was available initially):

4. if the profile picture was empty, you can upload the one from your computer:

5. The newly created record will be found in the Contacts folder:

6. You can also have a Company record autocreated the same way the Contact is:

The Company record will be stored in the Company folder.

If you do not use the default folders Contacts and Companies, you can establish the contacts and companies creation in the folders you have in your workspace. Follow this guide to switch the folders. They will also be used with the Linkedin integration.

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