NetHunt works closely with Google Contacts, Gmail and LinkedIn. All those sources can provide a valuable information about customers, companies and new opportunities. Most of the time this information goes to Contacts and Companies folders however, it's not always convenient. 

So what "Data Enrichment" is?

 This functionality allows you to automatically populate folders and, more precisely, fields inside folders. With this feature you can redirect information from Gmail, Google Contacts and LinkedIn to any other folders, apart from already known Contacts and Companies.

How does it work?  

It's simple. Head to your Settings -> Data Enrichment tab. By default, you see two folders in two different sections - Contacts data and Companies data.

Click on one of the sections to start:

  1. Select a folder where you would like to save related information 

 2. Map available Contacts/Companies information into respective fields in your selected folder

NOTE: if your folder does not have some fields for mapping, you can go back and add them through Settings and then resume the process.

What have I just done?

Now all information from Gmail, LinkedIn and Google Contacts will be sent automatically to folders you have tuned. 

That way, you can make each and every of your folders "default" so that NetHunt will save all the valuable information there automatically in the fields you have chosen.   

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