NetHunt offers a 1-way Google Contacts sync.

When you start the system, you most probably have been previously keeping your contacts in Google Contacts registry.

Now you can convert all of them into NetHunt Contact records and work with them in the CRM.

  1. You open the NetHunt Settings;

  2. Click on the Google Contacts sync and hit the button "SYNC":

NOTE: the contacts will be "Sync to" the destination folder you have selected in the data enrichment settings. Also the Duplicate detection will follow the duplicate prevention rules set for the destination folder. As for the duplicate prevention you would have the option of setting the unique identifier based on the e-mail (meaning two contacts cannot have the same e-mail address) or also based on the telephone (meaning two contacts cannot have the same telephone number) in case you do not have the e-mail address in Google contacts.

3. Choose the label or labels to sync or All Contacts and start the Sync. To choose more than one label you can choose the option "Select labels" then click on the drop down menu and select all of those you need; if you prefer you can sync all of your contacts as well:

4. NetHunt will create contact records in the special Contacts folder and match the relevant fields together: First name, Last name, Title, Company, Phone, Address, Website, Labels (those from your Google contacts), Source (Google contacts) and birth date. In case you are missing any of those fields in your workspace, you would need to first create them and second map them in the data enrichment settings. It will also transfer the contact profile picture if it was found in your Google Contacts initially:

NOTE: If the birth date is incomplete (e.g. Dec 31st) the default year of birth would be automatically set as 1900 for your reference. If any of the other information is completely missing (address, website,etc) the field will be left empty.

It will also create a link to the Company record in your workspace. If the company is new - it will create a new record and link the contact record to the company one. If the company record existed in the workspace previously (provided you sync a new company employee of your current company customer) - it will just link the newly added contact to this company.

This is made in order to avoid company record duplication.

NetHunt will run sync updates every day, however, if you like to pause the sync or run them manually - you also have this option:

The Google Contacts sync eliminates duplicates in both Contacts and Companies records.

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