Sometimes things just do not work with some people and you might want to remove certain contacts from your list.

NetHunt is integrated with Google contacts, this feature allows you to easily import your contacts and allocate them into records.

Here is the reason why a contact can reappear after you delete it from NetHunt.

The system synchronizes with google contacts and finds out the contact is missing from your NetHunt record list after you delete it and creates a "new" contact back to your Contacts folder after the daily sync.

Why: when you connect the Contacts sync, you choose either ALL contacts or a certain label to sync with NetHunt:

The sync runs every day and if you create a new contact in Google Contacts, the sync will "see" it and create it in your NetHunt. The sync will not create duplicates as it scans all the emails addresses as they are unique fields. If a match is not found - a new record is created.

When you remove a record from NetHunt - you do not remove it from your Google contacts, thus, the next day this contact is considered "new" as it hasn't been found in your NetHunt Contacts. This record will reappear.

To solve this problem you basically have four options:

1) You can delete that customer both from Google contacts and NetHunt

2) You can sync manually your contacts so you'd be able choose those you would like to also have in your NetHunt contacts list

3) Pausing the sync and preventing it from updating your contacts list

4) Disabling and disconnecting the integration with google contacts completely

5) Sync only labels. When you delete a record in NetHunt, move the contact to another label in your Contacts so it won't be synced.

You can set it up from the Google Contacts sync menu in the settings:

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